Has Mary Portas lost her way?


After we had a good laugh the other week about an outsized Mary Portas batwing number we’d spied in a magazine, I thought it was time to revisit her clothing range for House of Fraser.

It was such an inspiring programme and launch that we held high hopes for MP’s determination to clothe the coolstylepost50 crowd, but my investigations proved disappointing.

The styles look too oversized, too boxy, and too many waterfall drapes, tucks and folds. We’ve tried this look and it doesn’t flatter a bust or a stomach.

The models are styled on site wearing these short tops with leggings? This is not something MP – or any self-respecting woman over 24 would consider wearing.

The prices seem to have come down a bit but the prints and colours are starting to sway into Wallis territory.

What do you think?
Have you recently bought anything from MP or seen any nice bits in the range?

Would love to hear your thoughts….






Marks and Spencer – linen blouse

Dear Josie,

Just returned from trip to town – bought a few basics.

Long sleeve crisp white t-shirts, black cut-offs, and plain socks!.

Zooming through M & S on my way to the food department, I came across the blouse, see below, in lots of pretty colours. I really liked the pale lemon version and only £25.00

Now, big question is………. would this suit me, big bust, slim legs?

What should I look out for in terms of cut/length/lying on bust/


Artigia-No, or Artigia-Yes?


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