As women, we have a clear choice when it comes to style:

a) Figure out what suits you, is practical, easy to maintain, packs well and doesn’t date. Look good 99% of the time.


b.) Experiment. Have bad days, mediocre days and, best of all, amazingly inspired days when, somehow, it all comes together and you ‘crack it’.

This blog is all about b.

Bonk (Mum) and Josie (Daughter) are into clothes, interiors, relationships and Period dramas…

We talk (regularly) about what we want to buy, what we should buy and what we can afford to buy. These conversations have become increasingly honed and now, we feel, we are ready to share our outlook.

Have no regrets.

Bonk was born in a sleepy South Wales Valley the 50’s. That era of Betty Draper, Crackerjack and all things eggshell…
Don’t let that fool you.
The next 50 have seen her move seamlessly from Barrister to Tax Inspector, to Fashion Boutique Assistant, to Relationship Counsellor…
In short (she’s 5ft 2″), she has an opinion.

Josie is her mother’s daughter… minus the legal brain, and plus 8″.
(5 of which are thanks to her father’s genes, the other 3 can be directly attributed to an impressive collection of heels).
She’s 29 and works in North London as a fashion designer.

Things we love:

Coco Chanel, Gone With The Wind, dancing, Banana Milkshakes, Tea and cakes, Vintage scarves, Mad Men, YSL, Sodoku, Moscow, Christmas films, gossip, Carrie Bradshaw and co., Doris Day, Francoise Hardy,

Things Bonk loves and Josie hates:

The West Wing, Midsomer Murders, teddies, Lakeland Plastics, Comfy shoes, Violin Concertos, Fennel.

Things Josie loves and Bonk hates:

Hip-Hop, Flight of the Conchord, Branston Pickle, Electro, Acne, her PVC biker jacket with the massive hole, swear words.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. At last!!! i fell upon you guys by accident but very happy I did! Great mixof pics and humour – at five ten and slim – ie no boobs!! but more rounded lower down and with hyper small budget am severly challenged to find anything that stays tucked into my levis – not teddys yuk and battle to steer away from manly styles also need to wear super smart during week despite being sixty miles away from the metropolis and can equally never find the “right” skirt – please any tips welcome !! thanks again for this fab fun page – Kate

  2. Hello ladies! Found you in the comment section of the Telegraph . I am 5’9″ and over 50 and am finding fashion for me is like manouvering through a minefield. Any comment on denim brands?
    Look forward to all your future posts.

    • Hi Nancy
      So glad you found us. We are here to help with the minefield manouvering (athough, we confess to sometimes veering a littl off patgh ourselves!)
      Still, the fun is in the experimenting! We haven’t looked too closely at paticular Denim brandsjust yet, but we do have some tips for how to incorporate denim… See below.
      Hope this helps and do stay in touch!
      Josie and Bonk

      The Den (im) Commandments.. according to Jose

      We all know that denim post-50 is a difficult one…

      Bonk looks amazing in pale pinks and blues, and often complains that her look is too ‘smart’. This is where denim is king. Chic, casual, timeless, and, believe it or not, ageless.

      I’ve put together my top ten tips:

      1.) Generally speaking, straight cut, medium rise, natural indigo jeans are the most flattering.

      2.) Forget naff ‘effects’. Acid wash, patterned orange stitching or artificially faded patches all make you look, at best, shabby, and at worst, larger than you are.

      3.) Colour. This summer, we had Isabel Marant to thank for bringing wearable chic to the Runway. Pale pink, or cherry red jeans were edgier alternatives to the ubiquitous linen trouser or crease-y chinos. Continue this gret look intowinter with mulberry, maroon or bottle green jeans…

      4.) Blazers should NEVER be denim.

      5.) Everyone should own a faded denim shirt. Cooler than chambray, soft on your skin and the PERFECT colour for most complexions. Wear it buttoned up under a V-neck sweater until the sun comes out.

      6.) Good legs? A just-above-the-knee stretch denim straight skirt is surprisingly flattering. Just remember to keep the top half loose and long; aim to show 20cm of skirt. An oversized white shirt would be perfect. Pair with flat loafers and black tights for a preppy look.

      7.) Speaking of lengths, I’ve managed to put off the dreaded ‘Mum-Bum’ until point 7, but it is a truth universally acknowledged that bums go flat… There’s only one thing for it: COVER IT! A top that ends halfway down your bum will halve it. End of conversation.

      8.) A little stretch goes a long way… and avoid bulky pockets to keep your silhouette smooth.

      9.) Stella McCartney has made a career from her mother’s white T-Shirt, tan belt and button-through denim skirt look, and to be honest, it takes a lot of beating. Leave just enough buttons undone so as not to cut your leg mid-calf and pair with cork wedges to elongate the silhouette.

      10.) Never, ever be tempted by denim accessories… They suck. (Yes Penelope, even you and your Chanel).

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