Christmas Knitwear – Embellished, Embroidered… or Novelty?!

There is a veritable plethora of “Christmas Jumpers” on the High Street this season as Bonk and I discovered on a shopping trip to Exeter on Saturday. 

The trouble is knowing which way to go with this trend?

Whilst we love showing a bit of personality in the Festive Season, there are some pretty naff and predictable sweaters out there… 

We found some great alternatives to the Santa/Reindeer/Christmas Puds… 
This Dickins & Jones teal sweater (which Bonk snapped up with 40% off) is just the right measure of fun: 
Sequins are always a nice way to go come December. This Laura Ashley one is nice and subtle – and Country Casuals have a nice Breton Stripe with a delicate sequin running through it. 
Here are another couple of options – from Cath Kidston. 
Bonk’s purchase has inspired me. Personality is often overlooked for the sake of style. When done right though, the two should co-exist… 

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