We’re Back and we’re talking LEATHER JACKETS


Now that we’ve absolutely cracked our summer travel wardrobes (India- and Bonk mastered the Lumley Linen Look to perfection ** sponsored by www.saharalondon.com*** 

Been thinking recently… and I believe your wardrobe would benefit from a leather jacket. 

Think how great the denim one has been for making outfits more casual/weekend-y – the leather jacket does the same, but keeps you warm in Autumn and Winter.

A few things to remember… 

1.) As  a Polyvore reader explained…. “Brown leather jackets are more of a fad than an investment. You can’t mix brown and black. Ever. A brown leather jacket does not mix with a black belt, or black boots. Ever. So practically, you would get a lot more use out of a black leather jacket than a brown leather jacket. If you are going to invest in a real leather jacket, go for a black one which will be in style forever”. 



** Someone had mistakenly told granny that brown was the new black…** 

2.) Go for a FITTED style. Biker jackets are timeless, but the oversized look is best left the the young and waifish… remember a short jacket can go over thin, loose longer layers if you are scared of your bum being on display! I always by my jackets snug as they define your silhouette.

This one, £199 from Autograph (M andS) is a good starting point…


3.) A leather jacket is MEANT to be edgy. Zips, stud poppers etc are par for the course. Don;t shy away from them, as it is these details which will dress down your blouse/dress/cardigan and make you feel instantly stylish. See MP’s use of leather to transform an otherwise middle-aged ensemble….


There are some lovely unlined waterfall leather jackets around, so if this is a style you know suits you, it could be a good move-on. Be warned however, I wouldn’t recommend double-waterfalling! Better to wear with a simple T-shirt or round neck sweater and jewellery for an unfussy look. 

This one is by Oasis and at £140, it won’t have to be a second-mortage decision. 



If leather really isn’t your thing, there are a lot of mixed fabrication jackets around at the moment.

Take this Ponte and Lether Number by Mary Portas for House of Fraser:ImageO

Or, this leather armed safari jacket is from Zara (£80) 



Never underestimate the effect a touch of leather has on bringing your look up to date. (Denim has the same effect). Even the most classic of items can take on new life (and make a serious style statement) if paired with a touch of leather. Take this overcoat … £125 Topshop – it’s totally ageless. Image 

Or.. if you have a bit more cash to spare, this Helmut Lang number is now half-price at Flannels (£320)



Anyway, hope I’ve inspired you… It’s hard to adapt to the cold post-India, but I think these options make it a bit easier to skin and bear it… (sorry). 



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