The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Went to see this brilliant film on Wednesday night… interesting to see how they dressed their 4 female lead actresses ( all over 50).

Judi Dench is very ‘Mature Englishwoman

abroad in long, loose linen’.

She must have been to Chadni Chowk

for some of these numbers.

I understand the need to be cool,

but N.B: a large bust + White linen = unforgiving.

Where it does work is in gentler shades, and accessorised with a little pattern. I thought the lilac she wore in this scene looked wonderful:

Lilac is one of those colours I forget about – and yet it generally suits us fair skinned, blue-eyed types well.

The most glamourous of the characters was Celia Imrie.

There’s a wonderful scene in which she wears an off the shoulder, midnight blue silk jacket, full diamonds, and long, fluted skirt – and she looks wonderful, proving that she still ‘has it’ in bucket loads.

Maggie Smith, sadly is

portrayed as a rather miserable old dear, with a wardrobe to match!

Penelope Wilton is a brilliant walking advert for M & S abroad… floral cotton shirts with white cut offs. Sensible, Practical and yet absolutely zero style.

It really is a great, uplifting film – definitely worth a watch. If not for the fashion, for the message… you get out what you put in.


3 thoughts on “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

  1. What a clever blog – I went to see the film also and loved it. Joanna Lumley always looks so wonderful in long flowing linen numbers but I forget she’s 6′ and size 10.

    I didn’t go a bundle on any of the outfits really but agree with Celia Imrie and the wonderful colours.

    Don’t forget wedding guest ideas!!!

  2. i loved Diana Hardcastle’s pale pink mandarin collar long dress, i am trying to find where i can buy one similar if you’ve any ideas.

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