Costume Jewellery. As good as the real bling.

So, we’re not all as lucky as Bonk with her Birthday Pearl studs today. But hey, it got me thinking – costume jewellery is having a revival, and I for one, love it.

A quick google search found Marie Claire felt the same:

1.) Statement diamante.

So you don’t have diamonds? No bother. Forever is a long time anyway…

Pile them on.

Jean shows us how it’s done… these days, tho, it’s all about the MIX.

Sparkle with CASUAL.

Vests, t-shirts sweaters are the perfect modern accompaniment to your jewels.

2.) Brooches.

As Lisa Armstrong says;

“Nowadays we’re a bit timid with brooches. We pin them on our lapels, which makes us feel 105. Then we take them off.

But there are plenty of other places to stick a brooch – hips, waists, chokers, hairbands, hats and evening bags being just a few.”

(Is it just me, or does she look a but like Princess Margaret?)

3.) Bangles

Matching pairs is the way to go… (Breastplate optional) 

4.) Rings

Stack ’em up. (Not quite this many, but then again, she looks happy…) 

5.) Pearls.

Chanel have made a fashion house out of them. Invest… Now!

Kind to your skin, luminescent, small, large, long and short… and go with everything!

And some general inspiration….


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